Family Academy (FA) is a Christian ministry to teachers, parents and elementary/secondary students.  Our desire is to be supportive of families who are taking a stand against the erosion of Christian family values.  Taking charge again of our children’s education is a sacrifice and a challenge.  We are acutely aware of the attacks on the family by secular humanists who are gaining more and more control of our nation’s institutions.

The economic component of the services provided by an Affiliate Academy and the Teacher Consultants in most cases are fees well below those charged by comparable services.  Everyone associated with the organization has a heart to minister and is sacrificing to be involved.  We refer to our involvement as business-ministry.

Fees charged for operational services are set as low as possible and still keep the doors open.  As a non-profit organization, the monies received for tuition and services cover only the expenses to provide them.  We do not charge families for the expansion of the program or organizational growth.  Expansion is undertaken only through the sacrifices and contributions of Supporting Members.

Supporting Members are concerned with expanding Family-Directed Education. We are working together as the Body of Christ to help these young families, coming together as community.

Supporting Members participate in the following ways:

Prayer:  Join with us to uphold this ministry.  Please pray for the families involved, as well as the Teacher Consultants and Learning Centers.

Referrals:  Do you know families that need help with the educational needs of their children or teachers who are looking for a rewarding ministry?  Please help us connect with them.

Sharing Your Story:  Our families need encouragement.  If you took charge of your children’s education and experienced God’s provision, we want to hear from you and to share your story with others.  Those who have done so are both blessed and a blessing.  Let us know if you are willing to share and someone from the organization will contact you.

Volunteering:  Do you have time or a skill that you would like to donate to the effort of reaching and supporting families with children?  Our office and staff are small, but we have learned to coordinate work with home offices through technology.  Help in the technology field is needed since a major part of our expansion is taking advantage of this tool.  Assistance in Learning Centers is welcomed.  Writing and editing materials is a huge need.  Contact our office at  206-246-9227.

Financial Partner:  Expansion efforts are underwritten solely by our Supporting Members.  We do not ask our families to pay for expansion; neither do we ask our Supporters to pay for operations.  We praise God for His faithfulness to us and this ministry.  Donations can be sent to Family Academy, PO Box 66839, Seattle, WA 98166, or they can be made using the online gateway provided by PayPal below.  Clicking on the Donate button will open a form with various options.  Gifts are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to you.