Are you a Christian principal or teacher who:

  • Is dissatisfied with traditional education?
  • Is frustrated not being allowed to be innovative in the classroom and in the school structure?
  • Dreams of influencing children and parents via a dynamic, relational, educational model?
  • Wants to be a stay-at-home parent homeschooling your children yet still work as an educator with flexible hours?

Family Academy is looking for creative, gifted teachers (not just “information exposers”) who hold and teach with a biblical worldview.  As a professional educator, you can offer a valuable service to homeschooling families; however, most teachers need to re-examine the true nature of learning before being able to really help homeschooling families.  We have learned that education needs to be thought of as distinct from “schooling” and school.  We have imagined and built a different way.

The mission of Family Academy is to equip educators to partner with families in the training of future leaders of integrity through Family-Directed Education.  This requires a redevelopment of meaningful relationships between teachers, parents and students.  This is the basis of effective education.  Families and the Family Academy Teacher Consultants meld their talents into a new educational model.

Family Academy offers training, support, tools, and a proven model.  To affiliate with FA, each teacher must go through a self-screening process included in the “Teacher Consultant Application” [pdf], and complete the application forms. References, resume, and a pastoral recommendation, and an application fee are required to initiate the process.

If you are a teacher click here.

If you are a principal or educator with administrative skills interested in establishing a private school extension program through an existing school or a new school click here.