Most support groups and homeschool co-ops provide an excellent service to families who are home educating their children.  Many in leadership, however, recognize the challenge of providing adequate services and support to families with older children or families seeking greater assistance to succeed or continue.

For support groups, Family Academy can provide additional training for parents or workshops on a specific topic.  We offer a substanial discount to support group leaders and coop leaders for the Able to Teach course so they can experience for themselves the advantages of taking this course.

For co-ops, FA could also provide a parallel support to supplement the co-op classes through a local Teacher Consultant.  The Teacher Consultant can provide oversight to the enrolled families’ learning programs and offer classes to their students.  The high school students would be able to develop a transcript and earn credit if enrolled in an FA-Affiliate Academy (see under a Teacher Consultant.

  • Pray about how to better support families in the education and training of their children.
  • Call 206-928-2934 for more information or to arrange a phone appointment with one of our Family Academy team.
  • Invite a Family Academy representative to do a presentation to the church leadership team.
  • Arrange a Homeschool Information Night for people in your congregation and community who are parents of preschoolers through high school and have a Family Academy team do a presentation.
  • Pastors and church leaders and their spouses can take Able to Teach at a substantial discount. Call 206-928-2934 for details.