Family Academy can help the leadership team of a support group or co-op improve their program while keeping leaders from burnout.

For the leadership team:

  • Help in mentoring new families or struggling families attempting home education
  • Answers to repetitive, frequently asked questions through training via Able to Teach 
  • Speakers, workshops, and training for leaders and families
  • More support options for families with older students
  • Testing and assessment services for support group and co-op students
  • Training to become a Teacher Consultant for qualified individuals from within the support group or co-op

For all families who enroll with a FA Teacher Consultant working through an FA-Affiliate Academy:

  • Learning program developed via student’s academic needs and learning style
  • On-going assessment of student progress
  • Emotional, philosophical, and practical support for new homeschooling families
  • Fresh ideas, “recharged batteries,” and specialized support for even experienced homeschoolers
  • Individual and/or small group instruction for parent and student in areas of difficulty
  • Quarterly conferences with the TC to assess needs, prepare learning objectives, plan curriculum and strategies, locate resources

For families with high school students who enroll with a Teacher Consultant working through Academy Northwest, an FA-Affiliate Academy:

  • Professional expertise to motivate teens
  • Customized high school course development and evaluation
  • Vocational and college prep focus options
  • Independent study credit assessment
  • Accredited transcript of course work
  • Optimized scholarship opportunities
  • Official diploma and graduation ceremonies
  • Optional accelerated track
  • Recognized high school completion for adult students